tmux is a screen manager for Unix terminals.


  • Helps to split screens
  • Helps to add tabs


  • The shortcuts feel EMACS-ish
  • Might be more convenient to just use iTerm split screen instead.


Key-binding Action
ctrl-b " Split panes horizontal
ctrl-b % Split window vertical in two panes
ctrl-b arrows To move between panes
ctrl-b z Toggles full-screen view
ctrl-b c Create window
ctrl-b , Renames window
ctrl-b number Hops to window
ctrl-b d De-attaches session
tmux ls List sessions
tmux attach -t 0 To reattach session with name 0
tmux kill-session -t 0 To kill session 0
ctrl-b :select-layout even-horizontal To re-size the panes in equal widths.

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