Filesystem Persistence

  • never trust an uploaded file
  • verify that the filename is alphanumeric
  • the file could be a malicious executable
  • save the file in a cloud storage eg. S3

Cloud Persistence

  • AWS S3
  ACL: 'private',
  Bucket: 'uploads',
  Key: filename,
  Body: fs.readFileSync(__dirname + '/tmp/' + filename)

Database Persistence

Types of NoSQL DB

  • document DB
  • key-value DB
  • NoSQL databases support concurrency to scale performance

Document DB

  • document DB excel at storing objects
  • great fit for Node and JS
  • MongoDB is the leading document DB
MongoDB DBaaS
MongoDB npm packages
  • mongodb - low-level driver for MongoDB
  • mongoose - Object Document Mapper (ODM)
  • session-mongoose - to manage session storage

Key-value DB

  • are good for data schemas that are easily mapped into key-value pairs
Redis npm packages
  • connect-redis

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