Connection, Collection, Concentration - Evolving to the Intelligent Experience


Peter Coffee


  • Futurist: Arthur Clarke
  • increasing connectivity
  • messaging will eat the browser (bots vs apps)
  • ElizaBot
  • how to work with the machines more intelligent than humans
  • chat interaction vs clicking
  • Dynamic Coattention Network
  • Stanford Question Answering Dataset
  • Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
  • Sci-fi like Iron Man.. how Stark interacts with Jarvis

  • street-light searching


Assuming & Optimizing:

  • use meaningful data.
  • the flaws of online surveys.

Bridging Isolations:

distributed ledger. blockchain car ownership vs linking databases

Coding instead of Composing:

  • AI will replace software coders.
  • Coding will become commoditize.
  • Focus on integrating technologies
  • Salesforce Process Builder.

Debugging Brittleness:

Estimation & Extrapolation instead of Measiuring & Modeling

Moore law

  • CPU
  • memory
  • storage
  • bandwidth


  • transdisciplinarity
  • computational thinking (institute for the future)
  • Sensemaking (steve jobs)
  • SOcial Intelligence (John Hagel)

Peter Drucker

  • management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.

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