Git tags

Listing Your Tags

  • git tag will list all the tags in the repo
  • git tag -l 'v1.8.5*' will use the wild card to list only the matches

Creating Tags


  • lightweight tag: is very much like a branch that doesn’t change – it’s just a pointer to a specific commit.
  • annotated tag: are stored as full objects in the Git database. (recommended)

Lightweight tags

To create a lightweight tag, don’t supply the -a, -s, or -m option. This is basically the commit checksum stored in a file – no other information is kept.

Annotated tags

They’re checksummed; contain the tagger name, email, and date; have a tagging message; and can be signed and verified with GNU Privacy Guard (GPG).

  • You need to use -a flag eg. git tag -a v1.4 -m 'my version 1.4'

You can see the tag data along with the commit that was tagged by using the git show command: eg. git show v1.4

That shows:

  • the tagger information
  • the date the commit was tagged
  • the annotation message before showing the commit information.

Tagging Later

Just add the commit hash at the end.

git tag -a v1.2 9fceb02

Sharing Later

  • git push origin --tags pushes all tags
  • git push origin v1.5 pushes a specific tag

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