• babel preset 2016-webpack will transpile the ES Modules instead of being transpiled in babel.
  • By delegating the ES Modules transpilation to webpack, webpack is able to run static analysis to see which modules are being used, hence optimize the bundle with tree-shaking.
  • CommonJS modules are not staticly analyzable.

Code splitting

  • Load modules using Sistem.import() and webpack will split that code and lazy load it.


  • To optimize the browser's cache we can fingerprint the filenames with chunkhash
  • npm html-webpack-plugin To point the html to the correct hashed bundle js

Separate bundle for common libraries

  • CommonsChunkPlugin


  • DedupPlugin - removes duplicates in npm modules.
  • LoaderOptionsPlugin - toggle minification and debugging, as well as other configs.
  • DefinePlugin - parses process.env.NODE_ENV to a string, like envify
  • UglifyJSPlugin - removes unused code and dev warnings. It can also discard polyfils for ie8. All of this helps to shrink the bundle size

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