JavaScript is an obligatory programming language for anyone who wants to code for the Web since all browsers implement it.


  • When you pass an argument into a function, you're passing the reference in memory. so if you pass an object or an array they will get changed directly. It won't do that with other typeofs like number or string.

  • Inside a function, if you are going to use a variable, you have to declare it with var, otherwise it would use a global variable with the same name, and that can insert bugs into the whole javascript code.

  • All numbers in JavaScript are 64bit floating point numbers

Load script on document ready

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) { 
    //Do work

Presentation tools

Managing currency

  • store currency in cents to avoid floating point problems



Learning resources

Bundling tools

  • parceljs - zero config
  • rollup - for libraries
  • webpack - for web apps

Web development

How to speed up web development?

  • CodePen experience with live reload
  • Decrease devOps time
  • Decrease tool setup time
  • Use type checking to enable task automation
  • Use type checking to avoid missing case handling
  • Enforce unit test coverage
  • Leverage GUI for UI development
  • Add codemods
  • Increase Human-friendly feedback
  • Increase AI assistance

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