IP (InternetWorking Protocol)

The Internet is the Network of Networks. It is a design philosophy and architecture expressed in a set of protocols

  • Invented by Vint Cerf & Bob Kahn

  • A Protocol is a well-known set of rules and standards used to communicate between machines.

  • All devices in the internet have unique addresses

IP Address

To get ip address on Mac

  • ipconfig getifaddr en0


Provides for 4Billion unique addresses

  • IPv4 has 4 parts consisting of 8 bits each ~ 0 to 255 in decimals.
  • The first part represents the country/network
  • The second part is the region/network
  • The third is the subnetwork
  • The fourth is the device


  • 128 bits per address composed of 8 parts
  • provides 340 undecillion unique addresses


  • ifconfig website - you can also curl https://ifconfig.co/ and will return your public ip address

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