80/20 Mental Model

80/20 Mental Model Checklist

Mental Model Name Description
Bottleneck There is a bottleneck for any process in any goal and focusing constraints would speed up the process.
Critical Path List up all the tasks that require to accomplish the goal and estimate time and the dependencies between the activities to identify the best flaw of the project.
ICE Framework Identify the most important option by scaling 1 - 10 in three dimensions: impact, confidence, and ease.
Eisenhower Matrix Categorize the tasks by urgent, not urgent, important, and not important using Eisenhower Box.
Regret Minimization Framework Imagine yourself what you will be regret if you were on your deathbed looking back on this moment to see what decision you should make now.
The One Thing Figuring out what matters most, and when you’re doing that ONE Thing, eliminate distraction.
Productivity Pyramid Categorize your daily tasks and goals by drawing a pyramid and label levels from top: High Lifetime Value, High $ per hour, Low $ per hour, Zero/Negative.
First Things First Do the most important thing first.
True North Be aware of your values.
Sufficiency vs. Maximization Be aware of which type of return that task will lead, diminishing returns or exponential returns. For diminishing returns, work on just sufficiency level and for exponential returns, work on maximization.
Hurdle Rate The minimum rate of the return on a project or investment and it also denotes appropriate compensation for the level of risk present. “If you’re not a ‘Hell Yes!’ on the new opportunity, then say no.”
First Principles (Elon Musk principle) What should be done even if it seems impossible? How can I increase its odds of happening?
Seven Levels Of System Intervention How can I influence the system in the way I want with the least amount of effort?

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